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2018- A Fresh Yet A Seasoned Approach!

Posted on: December 31, 2017 By:

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Anything which can’t be measured cannot be improved upon. We have created the measurement of time for us to have a sense of understanding as to how we are living our lives. So time is divided into units of a century, a decade, a year, a month, week, day, hour, minute and seconds. When we look at life from a perspective of what we have achieved in a given unit we come to know how efficient we were in that unit. Civilisations are spoken about in centuries, governments in decades, families in generations and people normally measure themselves in years.

Out of all these units of measurement, the yearly one has a lot of hype around it. The whole world looks forward to the new year, people make it a cause of celebration, there is lots of frenzy and excitement around the calendar turning forward by one year. Maybe it’s the ideal amount of time. It’s not too long as a decade where an analysis would lose its objective and not too short as a month where an analysis would be too premature.

In just a few hours another yearly unit of time would be over and the world over people, media, corporations would be going through heaps of data to give themselves and the world a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I don’t know how many of you reading this would be in a position to rate someone else but definitely, we can measure our performance over the last one year. We consumed one yearly unit and we produced something, now it’s time to check the output in relation to the input.

A timely assessment gives us a perspective of what we did right and what we could have done better. For some of us the year must have gone the way we wanted and yet for some it must have been demanding, but whatever may be the case I am sure 2017 was important for it kind of prepared us for 2018. And the insights can become the foundation blocks on which we can carve the blueprint for the year to come.

Out of the many resolutions which you may take for 2018 I suggest a few which I believe are essential if you intend to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

1. ‘Don't get caught up in the noise’ -  Shield yourself against the onslaught of the tsunami of information. Warren Buffet does not watch Tv or read newspapers. He used to do one meeting a day which has now come to one meeting in a couple of days. He spends his time reading. As a result, he is deep in his thoughts. No wonder he has been among the top three richest people in the world for the last many decades. So how much information you need you got to decide.

2. ‘Stay on Track’ -  The noise which can derail us can’t be avoided 100%, but we can guarantee that we stay on track 100%. Find a way to stay on track of the objectives set for yourself on a daily basis. It’s a must because people often realise they are way off track when the track comes to an end. I use ‘Life 360 diary’ to stay on course. Life will throw lots of distractions on the way to our destination, it’s up to us to fall for it or stay focused.

3. 'Keep the Student in you alive’ -  No matter how knowledgeable you think you are, no matter how skilled you believe you are, still you are not the first car in the highway of life. There is so much more to learn. Be in an upgradation mode. Bill Gates is well-known for his love of reading (he reads 50 books a year), for taking online classes, and generally expanding his mind by any means available. He says. "I love being a student." Can we say the same for ourselves at the end of the year?

4. ‘Nothing but my best today’ - Greet every day with an approach that I will give my best, nothing but my best today. Life is to be planned for a long time but it has to be lived daily. One Day at a Time. Let’s take care of our days and they, in turn, will take care of our years.

These four resolutions have the power to make the coming year a memorable one and I believe they will enable us to achieve our yearly objectives.

Let’s approach 2018 with a freshness of a new year and with the strength of the seasoning of years lived so far and I am sure we’ll make it the best year ever for ourselves and our loved ones.

Wish you a ‘life’ filled 2018!

Love, MG

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