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20th Annual Day

Posted on: October 6, 2017 By:


It was one amazing evening yesterday at our 20th Annual Day celebrations. Yes, it was a 'Choiceful' celebration. . Love you all for being there..(I believe If not in person but in spirits you were there). You all reflected what celebrations are. You ensured your presence added on to the occasion. You lived the principle that whatever we are grateful for we get more of that. Happy faces, vibrant & soulful sharings, dance, skit, Masti, flash mob, awesome MOCs ... and the sprinkling of splendid take aways from the Power Talk 'There Is Always A Better Way To live' made it all the more a super awesome evening.

We had Chrysalians from year 2000 batch to the recent on going batches, Friends met after almost 14-15 years, it was like one big reunion. I always wonder how it all happens. Yes Team Chrysalis puts in huge efforts, but Chrysalians on their own pick up so many unpicked strings that you are left speechless. On their own a few took charge of welcoming the guests, a few ensured hall seatings were done, some took over decorations, some the cultural event, they even came out with a flash mob! I heard of it the first time! And 4 Chrysangels ( a term coined by Tejas yesterday) ensured a graceful & grand completion of the event by ensuring we had yummy Pav bhaji's. I wonder how do you all do that? What makes you go beyond? Your expression of gratitude is priceless and will make me go beyond to give more of what I have.. Heartfelt gratitude for your gratitude. Love you for making yours/ours 20th so lovely.. Looking forward to now the 21st...


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