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Cycling Tour from Passau to Vienna…Day 1

Posted on: May 11, 2017 By:


This holiday cum cycling tour was an unexpected entry in my years schedule. To add on to surprise I had a stomach infection on the day of our flight which left Rachna & I  indecisive till eight hours before the flight whether we should actually be leaving or not. Finally we decided in favour of our unexpected tour and it's only when we reached Vienna we realised that lot of stuff which we should had got was left behind in pune. Well this was also unexpected!

It was a cold, windy and rainy welcome for us in Vienna. So except a visit to Schonbrunn Palace and a few times travelling by using the metros we mostly stayed indoors to catch up with our sleep. I have always preferred using the local transport whenever I have travelled abroad. It gives a feel of the city, you understand the place a lot better than you would if you travel by taxis - simply put, you get to feel the pulse of that city.

After a couple of days in Vienna we took a train to Passau. The train operated by OBB company covered around 350km in 2.5 hours. In Passau we wanted to stay with a local host to know more about German culture, the city, the history, but couldn't find one. So took an apartment through Airb&b. The caretaker was a young law student Nic who was standing in for his friend as the owner was out on a tour.

With NIC we got talking about Germany and since he was a law student his communication always came back to how laws in Germany were quite stringent. For ex. The buildings got to be made as per the design set by the govt, the water in the taps has to be of drinkable quality, the rivers & water bodies have to safe enough for swimming. If it's polluted and someone swims he would be fined and so on.. Overall a very helpful young man.

We went out in the evening to the city of three rivers -Passau. The confluence of three rivers - Danube, Ilz & Inn is from where our cycling tour to Vienna starts and the first job at hand was to look out for a place to rent Cycles from as our tour was to start the next day. As most of the town was covered by WIFI it was not difficult to locate Fahrrad-Klinik, the shop from where we booked our cycles & panniers from.

Over with the work we then walked on the cobbled streets of Passau. Though it was 6 pm but the sun still kept us warm. The town walk was just awesome as we visited a church of the 14th century, the cobbled streets were great to walk on, the businesses except the eateries were preparing to shut down for the day, it was clean and you'd hardly bump into anyone. One Is just left wondering how on earth they keep their pavements, streets and town so very clean. We also came across an interesting bridge over the river Inn. It was an only pedestrian and cycle bridge which had locks tied to its railing all along. The locks were heart shaped & some normal locks but all them had initials of two people, like A & G or S & F. A few even had pictures of the two lovers pasted in them. In India we have the red chunries or small bells (ghantiyan) tied to a tree here they had locks. We couldn't talk to anyone about what was that all about so we gave it the name - The Lovers bridge.

Back in our apartment for a good night sleep for we have our first cycling day tomorrow.    

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