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“Hum Achche Din Laane Wale Hain”…

Posted on: June 24, 2014 By:


Dear Readers,

Long back one wise man said - " Bharat mei bekaari nahi hai bekaar hai ! ”

  Good to hear Modi Govt putting the machinery to work. Read today that the union ministers and most of the top bureaucrats have been putting in at least 12 hours of work in their offices since the time Modi Govt took charge. We needed someone like our present PM who is unsparring when it comes to efficiency and hard work. All the Cabinet Ministers have been asked to reach office by 9 am and their meetings with senior bureaucrats starts at 9.30 am sharp which continues till lunch. Nobody can come unprepared in front of the PM for the Singham has questions ready for the various ministries. If Delhi is going to continue working like this then why should the janata not believe in "Achche din aane wale hain”?

  But then we got to understand that the bringing in of good times is not the sole responsibility of a few people in the Capital but is the collective responsibility of each and every one of us. Can we as entrepreneurs, working professionals and everybody and anybody who cares about his future and that of the country take a leaf or two from the above example and commit that we too will put in our best foot forward all the time, as many times.

  We know that we cannot clap with one hand. So we got to play our role. And believe me, he is waiting in Delhi for many of us to raise our hand, he is waiting to see us in action with his hand up and trust me when our hands meet the sound generated from that clap would deafen the world.

  Appealing to all - Lets work hard, lets push ourselves to the hilt, lets shake of that complacency. Lets set some daunting goals and strategise. Lets hire the best guys, lets give out the best product. Lets invest in our business, in our selves and be ready for an exciting future.Yes lets maximise the opportunity given. We have voted for a great leader lets now push ourselves to become great followers in our actions.

  Please do understand that its we who got to bring in our own "Achche Din”. Yes “Hum Achche Din Laane Wale Hain”… My office is vibrating with this theme and we are all gung ho about our future for we believe that "Hum Achche Din Laane Wale Hain”. Wish you and your teams too the same.

  Make a great life...

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  • Amit Bhatta

    Dear MG Sir,

    Hi, I am Amit. Just wanted to tell you the last mail you sent was truly
    motivating and inspiring. Your doing a wonderful thing. God bless you. Thanks a

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