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If performance counts then be organised.

Posted on: January 8, 2018 By:

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 While traveling through Banaras, Lucknow, and Delhi recently we had to take Ola, Uber quite a few times. Along with the appreciation for technology which brought in ease of getting a transport and also saving us from haggling with the Delhi taxiwalas, there was one more thing which caught our attention. Invariably in almost all the taxis, we traveled, the state of the taxi would speak of the personality of the driver. If the taxi was clean, smelling good and without dents then the driver was also found out to be well groomed and organised. But the opposite was also true. Taxis which were unkempt, which demanded repairs, had dents, had worn out footmats, the driver would invariably be unshaven, would wear crumpled clothes and be indifferent to the condition of his vehicle.

Isn’t it the same in almost all other aspects of life. The way our office is, our car is, our house is, doesn’t it tell about us? Yes, our environment reflects our thinking.

So wherever there is performance and efficiency, chances are high that you’ll find the person behind the performance very organised and disciplined personally.

Growth and expansion needs a system. If we want our business to grow then we need a system, a method. If we want efficiency in our personal or professional life then we need to be organised. Firemen would know where their helmets are, ambulance drivers will always have their keys in one spot. Smart students would have their study area organised, an efficient homemaker would have absolute clarity about what is kept where in her kitchen.

Similarly, all successful entrepreneurs are organised and disciplined not only in their  personal  lives but in their professional lives too. They would not be found struggling with last date submissions for compliances, they would not be lost about what their team is doing, they would not be taking decisions adhoc, they would not wait for a crises to take a review, their work table would not be cluttered with files, their cheques would not get dishonoured due to insufficient funds and so on..

Wherever performance counts you’ll have order and discipline. Take a pause and look around. What are your surroundings telling you? What’s your working style telling you? Can you find out areas of improvement where your personal and professional lives can be more organised?



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