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In life the examination comes first and then the preparation starts…

Posted on: November 27, 2017 By:

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A situation becomes challenging when we realise that our current ability, knowledge & mental framework is not enough to handle that situation.

Suppose you have been asked to give a 10 minute talk in front of a large audience and you have never spoken on stage before. This situation becomes challenging because it’s an unknown territory for you. So you feel uncomfortable, a bit low in confidence, anxious and you would have two options in front of you. One, to give in to your discomfort and run away from that situation by saying no to the organisers. Second, you decide to walk into an unknown path, face the situation and be on stage.

If you opt for the second option then you would need not only courage and willingness but also the desired knowledge on the subject to speak, you would also need to build on your public speaking capabilities and put in lots of hours of practice. It’s in this preparation that your growth is hidden and you move towards becoming a public speaker.

Similarly, in business there would be lots of situations which we face which would be at our current level and hence they would not appear challenging and yet there would be many which are above our current ability and we would find it difficult to face. It can be firing an employee, it can be a change in the business functioning like the introduction of GST or RERA, it can be hiring a senior executive, it can be the use of a new technology, it can be facing an irate client, opening and managing a branch office...

On a personal front too for some even riding a bike, driving a car, cooking a certain cuisine can be a challenge...

If we can see all challenging situations as opportunities for growth then we would be in a better position to handle them. And facing them would mean that we bring ourselves to the level of the challenge in all ways- knowledge, skills and mental framework. Whether we emerge victoriously or whether we fail, on facing them one thing is sure - we’d surely grow.

So in all challenging situations let’s understand -

1) They are above our current level of knowledge, ability, and mental framework. 2) It’s normal to feel anxious and low in confidence when we face such a tough situation. 3) We will always have two options- face or flee. 4) Facing it would require that we upgrade ourselves to the level of the challenge and this is where our growth is. 5) Avoiding the situation will always lead to stagnation.

In school we would study the lessons and then appear for the exams. In life the examination comes first and then the preparation starts.

How long will be keep running away from what is demanding, how long will we keep ignoring what is uncomfortable, how long will we keep avoiding what is difficult?

Let’s face them, let’s develop the ability to overcome them. Let’s grow!

Growth and stability don’t co-exist!

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  • Nimesh Desai

    Great thought and lesson needs to learn. If I go back in life and see ___ I found that whenever I tried to ran away from the situation where I feel low in confidence, it was big mistake I did. Later whenever same situation came I failed to handle it.
    Exactly opposite whenever faced the situation I get success.
    For example___
    From last 10 years every year I grow in TO by 50% average consistently.
    I always faced the up coming workloads up front and due to that reason I grow consistently. Every year I need to increase my own capability to face such over Load situation. I never back out from such situations and due to that it becomes my habit to grow like that.
    Exactly in blog, MG sir said in point no. 5 ___ there was situation every year where I could have step down and not to accept the order or ran away from the situation came on my way. In this case I could have been different person _ my company growth could had been hampered.

    I believe that if you feel you are ethical and have ability to grow then it’s your moral responsibility to grow for the benefit of the society and country.
    If people like us doesn’t grow then unethical things start growing and it will be dangerous for society and country.

    Growth anyway going to take place either you respond to the situation or not.

    • Mg


  • Lokesh Sharma

    nice lesson sir thx a lot

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