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Indecisiveness- The Great Growth Staller!

Posted on: July 16, 2014 By:


Its a sheer thrill for a coach to see his coachee excel in his area of performance. Experienced one such moment during one of my meetings with entrepreneur Sachin Kulkarni, MD, Vastushodh Constructions. He was giving a brief about the quarter that went by and the course of action his company had decided for the next few months and the year to come.

Of all that was to be done last time when we had met he had taken a call on almost all strategies. Though not all were executed but decisions were taken on most, whether to go ahead or to scrap a strategy. There were just a few on which no call had been taken.

His behaviour exhibited a quality which i have noticed in many great and successful leaders. They don't STALL things, they dont get stuck in a state of indecisiveness for long, they dont waste time on discussing the same subject again and again and still not come to any conclusion. So it was no surprise that there was clarity in his communication, there was an air of confidence in his body language and he looked like a commander in chief who knew his game plan. No wonder then why his company's growth graph has been showing an enviable upward movement for quite some time. Yup! Growth is a constant accomplice of quick and timely decision makers.

On the other hand i have also met in the last 15 years many entrepreneurs who have mastered the habit of stalling decisions. When faced with a forward momentum creating decision, say like investing on a technology or on hiring a potential performer maybe at a higher salary or investing on systems, office interiors, training themselves and team they go into a Pause Mode (PM). These 'PM' guys have a habit of stalling things, of putting things off for the next day, they are the gonna doers, they belong to 'yeah i'll do one of these days' clan. So excuses laced dialogues like - Will think it over, I agree but now its not the right time, will talk to my team, will consult my CA ( which they never do) flow freely out of their mouth.

Friends pending decisions are a great burden. Indecisiveness is a great energy sapper. It robs us of our peace of mind, of our time and it builds in us a habit of putting things off for the next day. And what you put off until tomorrow, you'll probably put off tomorrow too. Please do understand that it's not just a decision which is pending but it's growth which has been stalled and many times the difference between who were almost there and those who reached has been quick and timely decisions.

If Indecisiveness is a habit, if stalling is a habit then so is quick and timely decision making. Let's inculcate this growth habit in us. Lets not leave a decision for tomorrow that needs to be made today. Let's not enter into tomorrow with a backlog of todays decisions. Yes, Lets keep our tomorrows free for tomorrow's decisions. Shall we?

Wish you a free tomorrow...

Love and extraordinary wishes,


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  • Amit Bhatta

    It was very insightful Sir….

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