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It’s said that marriages are made in heaven

Posted on: September 14, 2017 By:


It's said that marriages are made in heaven. Don't know whether it's true or not but I believe that one can surely make a heaven in his/her marriage.

Great marriages don't just happen. We don't get right partners. We got to make our marriages great, we got to work on making our partners become right. There is no Prince Charming coming on a horse to woo you. As a spouse you got to treat him like a prince for him to feel like a prince in order to woo you like a princess. Isn't it?  

There is no Queen or a lady charming waiting for you at home. You got to treat her as your queen for her to feel like a queen in order to make you feel like a king. Isn't it?

Marriage flourishes when the couple realises that marriage is a team work. It's together that the match has to played, it's a doubles game. It's a realisation that we play against opponents, against adversaries, we don't play against each other.

- We play together against difficult times, we don't make times difficult for each other. - We play together against the work at hand, we don't increase each other's work load. - We play together to bring up our children, to put our values in them, we play together to handle each other's frustrations, each other's setbacks, each other's lows. - We play together to lift each other, to dream for each other, to make each other's dream become a reality. - We don't play to put each other down, we don't play to count scores, we don't play against each other.

Yes there will be challenges but as a doubles team we got to make our marriage win- win for us, for our children, for people who are looking upto us.

Great marriages are a product of hard work, of commitment, of delaying gratification, of dissolving self... they are never gifted by God, rather it's a opportunity given by him to us so that we gift each other a great marriage.

Our children are watching us and daily they are forming lasting opinions on love, commitment and marriage based on what they see in us. Let's make them look forward to this wonderful institution called marriage. Let the way we conduct ourselves in our marriage give hope to many to make their marriage a great marriage.

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