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Law of the Seed

Posted on: November 21, 2017 By:

Nature is a great teacher, even the smallest of things in nature can teach us a lesson to make our lives simple and less complicated. The only thing required from our side is to be a sincere and an observant student.

There is a law in nature called the Law of the Seed which says, ‘You reap the harvest only after you do the work.’ We dig the soil, we sow the seed & water the seed (efforts), we wait for a while, be watchful and de-weed if required (patience) and then we pick our fruits (results). It’s a simple law which can make life so simple. In fact that’s how life should be for nowhere profit comes before work, except in the dictionary. You get your harvest months ‘Later’, that’s the Law of the Seed.

Probably people understood this more when they grew their own food. But today many have missed out on this law and have made their lives complicated. They have replaced ‘Later’ with ‘Now’ & some surprisingly have even replaced it with ‘Before’. We want results before we have worked for it! What would you call that?

So it’s common to bump into people who operate from mindsets like - ‘Promote me and then I would start taking more responsibilities!’ ‘Pay me more and then I would also take up the new job.’ ‘If I’d have a good marriage then I would be nice to my husband/wife.’ ‘He didn’t invite me, Why should i?’

Lapping on to this mindset in the society are lots of marketing companies who advertise their products by appealing to people - buy now pay later. Credit cards are not understood as a convenience to pay but seen as a tool to have fruits before we sow. The essence of hard work is being lost. We read smart work as no work. We are shying away from taking efforts, from giving our best self to the world.

Let’s understand that the Law of the Seed cannot be reversed. Effort first, harvest second. Life can’t get more simple than this.

Please understand that easy and simple are two different things. I am not talking about life being easy, I am saying life should be simple. Let’s get complications out of our way, let’s not make life complex. The Law of the Seed is a simple Law, but work we must to make our lives simple.

Nature is not complex, it’s a huge system with simple laws. Let’s align with nature and resolve everyday to de-weed, to untie a few knots, let’s resolve to make our lives simple.

Make a great life!

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