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Let me recall a childhood story of the woodcutter

Posted on: March 20, 2018 By:

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Let me recall a childhood story of the woodcutter. Remember how he went out with a lot of excitement to cut trees on the first day of his job and broke all records. But slowly over the next few weeks, his performance came down drastically and soon he was out of work. And we all know that the reason was not that he didn’t work hard or he was not committed or he was less talented. The simple reason was that he did not take time out to sharpen his axe.

Doesn’t it also speak about our lives where we are so busy doing daily work that planning doesn’t figure in our list of events? Are we not so neck deep in our routine life that strategising for the future is the last & least of our priorities? Haven’t our axes become blunt? Aren’t we experiencing stagnation in business, in product development, in quality initiatives, in acquiring new markets, in team skills?

Strategic timeout, planning interventions at all levels more so at senior leadership levels in a growing organisation is the sharpening of the axe. The more we plan & strategize the more we become sharp to cut through and negotiate the market dynamics. Let’s sharpen our axe and that of our teams on a regular basis before the market throws us out of work.

Setting objectives for the year to come, doing department wise swot, revisiting the concept of core values & purpose with our teams is the call of the hour. Trust me when I say that it’s imperative we see the future before it comes & more important-we align our senior leaders with what we see and how we intend to reach there.

On 17th April 2018, I am taking the annual strategic planning workshop for Entrepreneurs and their senior team leaders for the year 2018-19. Would love you to grab the opportunity and sharpen your axes and make 2018 a very powerful financial and productive year for your organisations. Let’s make our teams see what we see, let’s make them do business the way we do, let’s set a culture by making our teams stand for the same principles as we do.

Some make it happen, some watch what is happening and yet some wonder what happened!

Let’s make it happen!

Love MG

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