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Let’s protect our core...

Posted on: May 11, 2018 By:


The outside can change, should change, will change but it’s the core within that should not change. And it’s this core which speaks about us, it reflects our foundation, our culture, it states who we are.

Met one more Chrysalian here in Hamburg- Kumu Nimhan. She came with a couple of friends who were also eager to meet me. In those couple of hours or so there was laughter, there was leg pulling, there was sharing about their jobs, their current country of stay- the entire room was bubbling with energy.

I could sense that Kumu had changed- Changed for the better. She was more bolder now, her communication was clear and succinct and there was a slight accent which Indians normally acquire when abroad. She now had a sense of freedom around her being, a freedom which also had a flavor of responsibility.

Her outside had changed but her core hadn’t. For the moment she stepped into the room she touched our feet, gave a hug and then gave a packet of chaklis which she lovingly brought for us (saved from what her Ma had sent to her). How could I had come empty handed she stated!

That’s the core and that hadn’t changed.

As she bade goodbye we were all left with a warmth that comes when one of your own meets you. That’s the power of a strong core, it is felt by people all around and it speaks of who we are.

And that was my parting thought to all three of them- Let the foundation be strong. Let the core not be diluted with the sudden freedom we get in a foreign land. Let everything else change- our communication, our language, our dressing, our outer appearance- for our outside is open for change - but our core within is not open for negotiation. It got to remain intact, untouched.

As parents, we got to instill in our children a strong core and once that’s done then we need not worry about where they are, with whom they are. They will surely make their own place. Kudos to Jyoti and Ganesh Nihman for instilling in Kumu a strong core...

The outside can change, should change, will change but the core within should remain as it is. Let’s protect our core.

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