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Making way for “Make in Maharashtra”…An Evening for Entrepreneurs

Posted on: March 1, 2016 By:


Let the good make noise... 
Sometime back I had posted that let the good make noise for if it doesn't then the bad definitely will. Proud to share that we have moved one step ahead - now we are not only making noise about the good but also ensuring that we create that good about which people can make noise.. 
Yesterday, It was a first in the lives of around 700+ entrepreneurs as Mr Dilip Kamble, minister of state for excise and social justice, shared the various govt. initiatives under the Make In Maharashtra theme. The intent of the Govt to walk it's talk was felt when all relevant 1st class officers of MIDC,DIC, PMRD, Agro came on stage and shared their contact details with a hall full of entrepreneurs for any hurdle they might face viz a viz to their departments. It's a first where a minister is accompanied by a team from other ministries and taking questions head on from public. Everyone went back a lot more positive that Govt is working full throttle, that there is a change in the mindset of bureaucrats, that ache dino ke liye sarkar mehnat kar rahi hai.. Like I shared in my talk yesterday I suggest all entrepreneurs - please let's not wait for opportunities to fall on our laps and then we get ready, rather let's be ready and then trust me we'll start seeing lots of opportunities.. Let the good make noise.. And yes, It's Great To Be An Entrepreneur!

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