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Change Facilitated By Empowering, Not Just Training

MG has been instrumental in providing lives of people, comprising students, housewives, working professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate, a depth and an unending inspiration to grow beyond their capabilities and achieve their best. He has the innate ability to motivate an individual to maximize his potential. He achieves this by laying emphasis on development rather than imposition. It stems from his belief that a change is well-facilitated by empowering, not just training.

By his logic, body and mind are two sides of the same coin and each need to be fed properly and responsibly. Right thinking and relentless motivation help the mind keep it in the right frame is his mantra. As a natural corollary, he makes out a case that "We all can do a lot more than what we think we can." As a Life Coach, he first seeks to know what people want from life and then enlightens them over a period of time through intense discussion and introspection. Somewhere in this chain, the subject picks up the way ahead to his goal. And that is where the turning point of the transformation lies.

Through his Life Leadership Program, MG provides an exclusive opportunity for those rare individuals committed to connecting, contributing and growing on a massive scale. This program will give you the tools and experiences to master the skills of lasting change and step into your greatness as an individual and maximizing on your own potential.

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