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Change Begins With Self

MG has started The Chrysalis Foundation (TCF) as a corporate social responsibility division of Chrysalis, with the strong purpose "To contribute through our mind, body and soul and thereby create an Empowered India." The foundation has worked towards making a difference in the lives of people in India. It has encouraged people towards a more positive outlook: to stop complaining and to take the responsibility to better their lives and the society. It swears by motivating people to realize that age, gender, educational and economic backgrounds are no bar in bringing about positive wave of change.

Through various events and drives, MG has influenced several individuals to work within their circle and bring about a positive impact. He advocates that change begins with self; and by changing ourselves, we inspire others and create conditions for change. TCF provides a platform for people to take charge of the change. Through TCF, organizations and people can fulfill their social responsibility and create a larger cumulative turnaround.

TCF drives a series of activities to enable change in the society:

  • MCED (Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development) – MG reached out to more than 10,000 people empowering them with the benefits of Information Technology.
  • "Roti Kapda Aur Muskaan" – He organised an event "Roti, Kapda aur Muskaan" where the foundation distributed 10,000 kgs. of rice, truck-load clothes and toys to the tribals of Velhe, Maharashtra.
  • Army Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre – He acknowledges and helps the APRC soldiers with various activities.
  • Manavya – Through "I – The Miracle" series of Power talks, he raised lots of fund which were donated to the Manavya a home for nursing, caring and sheltering orphaned and destitute children and women afflicted by HIV/AIDS.
  • "One Day for My City" – His this endeavor is meant towards making our city a better place to live and walking on these lines he as launched several initiatives like cleaning the PMPML buses in the city of Pune, encouraging and participating in th e Swach Bharat initiative, encouraging the residents of Pune to exercise their right to vote,etc .
  • Mission Jal Samruddhi - In consonance with Jankalyan Samiti, MG took an initiative called "Mission Jal Samruddhi" to de-silt the 100-acre Nizam-era Twarita Devi Pond at Talawade. The pond can help store 60 crore litres of water – a boon to this perennially parched area. Apart from being actively involved in overlooking the project, he and his team actively participated in generating the required funds.
  • Power Talks – MG has been guiding various organizations, consortiums and groups in specific areas on a need basis:
    • EdgeCon Knowledge Management 2013
    • Dr. Sancheti's 75th Birthday Celebration
    • 4th Machine Tool Industry Summit
    • JITO Pune Chapter (Jain International Trade Organisation)
    • Suryadatta Group of Institutes
    • Kasturba Mahila Mandal (Yuva Branch)
  • Youth Empowerment Series (YES) - He has launched a series specially dedicated to youth development that includes a range of power talks that inspire the young generation to nurture the seeds of enthusiasm, self-belief and goal setting and develop a winning edge.
    • Born to Win
    • Junoon: A workshop on adding Enthusiasm into our lives
    • Lakshya: A workshop on effective Goal-setting
    • Entrepreneur Empowerment Series (EES)
  • Happy Minds: A forum that meets every Saturday for 2 hours to support continuous self-development.

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