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One Day For My City

Posted on: June 8, 2017 By:

One Day For My Ciry

One Day For My City'

The world consists of two kinds of people- those who contribute less and consume more and those who consume less and contribute more in their life time. You'll see this categorisation everywhere- in organisations, at homes, in events, in groups- there will the contributors & there will also be the consumers.

Right from our birth we have been benefiting from the contributions of innumerable people, some who walked on this planet before us & some who are living along with us, some known to us & yet some unknown. If you were to see we have studied in institutions which we did not start, we drink water from the wells which we have not dug, we eat fruits of trees which we did not plant, we have warmed ourselves enough from the fires which we did not kindle, we benefit from the cures which we did not invent.. and the list goes on... Yes there have been many who have put in humongous efforts to make this world a better place.

All volunteers had smiles amidst the sweat that the April heat brought in and the way they thanked their bosses for giving an opportunity to contribute was very heartening. As we hugged after the '8 hour gruelling shift' got over, we all knew that though we were physically exhausted but life energy wise we were all fully charged.

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