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Stay Away From The Negative Influences Of Other People…

Posted on: June 19, 2013 By:


Every Olympics, every tournament, every sports meet, every science meet, in fact every platform where the best of human potential is portrayed we have seen records being broken, we have witnessed new standards being set, we have experienced breakthroughs which were not a part of this world earlier. Year after year on a daily basis humanity is awakening to a new & a better world for there is someone out there who is hell bent on maximizing his potential, who is hell bent on going "all out". I suspect that all of us, one time or the other, have been told we couldn't do something, only to learn later that with commitment, preparation & intense effort, we could do far more than we had ever imagined. Yup somebody knowingly / unknowingly stopped us from going "all out". Don't always listen to these "Experts"- listen to your heart. Give all that you have, give your best shot. And then even if you dont make it all the way you still have "Won", because giving your best effort, you going "all out" always makes you a winner..

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