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The Choice- To Increase Productivity or To Increase Efforts

Posted on: March 21, 2017 By:



Dear Entrepreneurs,

Being a fairly health conscious person I have observed that physical training in isolation doesn't bring in the required results. A healthy body is a result of alignment of healthy dietary habits, a good sleep hygiene, mental relaxation and regular exercise. You miss out on this alignment and you not only miss out on having a healthy body for yourself but also invite a multi-fold increase in your efforts. Remember, with alignment productivity increases multifold and without alignment efforts increase multifold.

Same is the case with our overall life. If our life is in alignment with the laws of nature then it would be one of least resistance and maximum well being. Alignment between the spouses makes the relationship more rewarding for both the partners

Yes Alignment is the key to least resistance and maximum results.

In a SME environment an entrepreneur plays a dual role. He plays the role of an entrepreneur as well as the role of a leader for his organisation. And as a leader he has two major responsibilities- First setting the vision for his organisation and second aligning his team to achieve that vision. 

Making a Vision is not that simple but it has been observed that even forming Vision, defining Core Ideology is just 1% of the effort and the remaining 99% of the effort is in aligning the entire organisation towards the accomplishment of that vision. And I believe that's where majority of the entrepreneurs miss the bus, they miss out on bringing in momentum in the organisation to pursue the vision. They fail to build traction and are unable to bring all involved - whether it be partners, senior leadership and the organisation on the same page.

As the organisation grows people wise, geographical location wise, product wise there are different parameters of measuring growth which come into play. Growth brings along its own set of challenges. People work on 'their' priorities, they work on what 'they' think is important and majority of the times those priorities don't align with the company's priorities. Delegation of task becomes risky for what is important for the organisation may not fall in the important category of the team member. Departments function as solo players, they work as independent units without any correlation with other departments. There is no common framework on which the entire organisation functions, there is no common language in which people express their work and there is no structured approach which is easily understood by all to evaluate the progress towards the goals.

That's why when the organisation wants to enter the new level of growth and shift into a higher orbit the leader's most important priority is to align his team and bring in a rhythm. And if we are better prepared then we move faster on to the higher orbit and can ride the wave of growth. Remember, with alignment productivity increases by ten times and without alignment efforts increase ten fold.

In my business program - 'The Game Of Business' I speak of a framework which every company should have. The framework of core ideology, vision, strategic sheet, rhythm of meetings, resolving bottlenecks, traction. And I also speak of the importance of the leaders role in aligning team to that framework.

So have a framework within which you will operate your business, have a defined working process and then get your team aligned to that framework and process. This will free you from regular involvement in your business and that time can then be utilised to take your company to a higher orbit. To free you of your time it's imperative that you and your team speak the same language and use a common framework.

So as leaders please do focus your energies on bringing your team on the same page. Remember setting vision is just 1% of the work done, 99% of the work is the alignment of the organisation to that vision.

Happy Aligning!


It's Great To Be An Entrepreneur!

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