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The power of a great culture…

Posted on: January 3, 2018 By:

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An organisation is as strong as the team and a team is as focused as the leader. If the team is dedicated, you have a dedicated organisation, if the leader is focused on his vision chances are very high the team would also be found chasing that vision.

I am traveling and would be reaching Pune by late evening today and was not much up to date with the happenings in Pune. So instructed my leadership to play safe & take an off.

And since morning there is lots of buzz on the team WhatsApp regarding team’s willingness to work today. They have the vision to chase, they have a purpose to fulfill. Here’s what one of them wrote- “Actually... I too would like to work today... I will begin from home just now and carry on as the situation says... BTW... I strongly believe that the Bandh is for a wrong cause and we should all do our best to nullify it... Even my son s school Abhinav has kept it open... With the same thought.” Our huddle which happens at 10.01 has started sharp at 10.01 on WhatsApp by those who stay far away & cant make it.  As a leader, Blessed is what I feel on my way back to Pune.  Who says you need to be present to make things happen?

As leaders, a strong culture is what we need to build and do everything possible to ensure that the culture stays and then trust me, a time would come when that culture would take care of the rest. Yes, I agree culture creation is tough, it’s demanding, and it will take nothing less than our life to make everyone align with that culture. But then who said heaven Is for the lazy! ‘Swarg jane ki ichchca sabko hai, par marna koi nahi chahata!!’ Many don’t want to die to create a culture hence they die everyday haggling with daily issues...

Entrepreneurs the building of a strong culture should be a topmost priority.

Let’s set our priorities right!



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