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The Rohans & Me.

Posted on: July 12, 2018 By:


The Rohans- (whom I lovingly call -mere Lal mere peele for I met them around 6 years ago with one Rohan wearing a red Tshirt and the other Rohan wearing a yellow Tshirt)

Last many years I have seen my lal and peele grow, not just physiology wise ( which I keep correcting them on ) but business and maturity wise too. From brash youngsters to seasoned entrepreneurs, from bindass bachelors to doting fathers, from random thinkers to believe in a bigger and a better future - I have seen them transform.

Last week they called on my office to take my time with a request that they want to share something which will make me feel proud of them. But we couldn’t meet on the day decided for their ‘surprise’ wasn’t ready and then for the next three days, I wasn’t available.

So finally they landed on Monday and took me to the parking where two lovely brand new mini SUVs were parked. They wanted my blessings and as I performed the puja they attributed their growth and their transformation of the last 6 years to me.

They had the cars with them for last 3 days but didn’t share the news with their near ones, didn’t post it on FB ( how difficult that must have been ) just because they wanted me to know first, they wanted to seek my blessings first. What a lovely gesture! Was left humbled to the core as I performed the rituals.

There is a lovely small insight from the behaviour of Rohan's which we all can take back with us- they both exhibited a lovely attribute of human nature - acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement is one of the greatest attributes one can possess. Having money in your pocket/bank may not make you feel rich but you acknowledging that you have will definitely make you feel rich.

Whether acknowledging a person's presence/contribution or acknowledging that we have more than what we need or acknowledging that life is beautiful, will have effects on the outside world or not may be questioned but it’s guaranteed that this approach will surely lighten up the inside world.

I felt awesome when they showered all that love and respect but I am sure acknowledging that I played a role must have made them feel much more rich and happy than what I felt. Such is a power of acknowledgement. It’s like food for our soul.

Let’s acknowledge for our own sake, for our own peace, for our own happiness. Whether we express it to people or not, whether we express it to God Almighty or not I leave it to you, but please do acknowledge to yourselves atleast what is happening right in your life.

Let’s feed our souls daily with the diet of Acknowledgement!

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