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Posted on: April 2, 2014 By:

This time I will

TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More- A team wins when everyone contributes within that team in his /her unique way. I see myself and all of you as part of Team India and the coming elections I see an opportunity for all of us to play as a team with one objective - India should win.

The role is simple - that we all participate, we all make ourselves count, we all go and vote this time. A Simple role cut out for all of us- just get a dot on our finger. Lots of individuals, organisations have started momentum on this front. - Petrol pumps are mulling to offer 50 paise discount on each litre of petrol on showing a voting mark on the finger, Amir Khan is doing great work through the mass media,Times group is using print media to shake its readers and there are many more who are out there making a difference.

We at Chrysalis also have decided to play our role to make India win. We have taken an initiative to take out one day from our routine to encourage the citizens of Pune / India to exercise their right of vote . As a part of this initiative -"This time I will! Will you?", we will knock on the doors of the residents of Pune on 13th April to request them to cast their vote. So i suggest/ request all of you to also create similar waves in your localities /cities to win the game for India.

I remember a news channel anchors line which had become quite famous - "agar chain se sona hai toh jaag jao". True, for if we don't wake up now then the next many years we will not be able to sleep properly, if we don't make ourselves count this time then trust me, we'll end up counting the days for the next 5 years... Let's together make a difference, lets together play as a Team, let's together win the game for India. -Yes, "This time I will! Will You?"...



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