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You come to know when someone is enjoying his work…

Posted on: March 14, 2018 By:


You come to know when someone enjoys his work. Actually, it’s not hard to find out whether a person is in love with his profession or not. You would often see a smile, a glow on the persons face, they would be willing to go that extra mile to serve without a second thought, there would be something new which they would want to add to their existing role, they would want all affected by their work to have a good time. I call them as PPWs - Passionate People Working.

Then there are also those who don’t love their work. It’s a job which they have to do, it’s kind of a compulsion for them, the job’s got to be done because they have to make a living. These people also have very visible traits. You’d find them grouchy, they would have lots to complain about, life would seem to be unfair to them, new initiatives would sound as more work to them, they would do as much is told, new responsibilities would be greeted by ‘Why me?’ looks, they would drain the energy of all around them. I call them as DPW- Dead People Working.

Whether it be PPWs or DPWs, we would encounter them everywhere. Whether it be as a salesperson in a mall or a waiter or chef in a Restaurant, an air hostess, an executive in a company, a cab driver, a school teacher, as an entrepreneur, even as a politician... We’ll find these PPWs & DPWs everywhere, though you’d agree that the population of PPWs is a lot less and is continuously on a decline... In fact, during my programs on a lighter note, Entrepreneurs agree that PPWs are an endangered species...

Today on our way to Pune from Chandigarh we had a PPW experience. It was an Air India flight and after half an hour of taking off, we heard the captains voice on the PA system. His voice was warm and audible, unlike other Pilots whom I have heard many times mumbling on the mic with an inaudible acquired accent. Our Captain started off with a formal welcoming round aboard the AI flight. Till then nobody cared a damn about what he was speaking till he took his announcement beyond the formalities and started sharing about how the plane was one of the best in its category and was the latest from the Air Bus stable. He spoke about the altitude (38k ft) and how it was just 1k feet below the highest that category plane had ever flown. We were all ears as he shared about the Himalayas & Mt Everest is on the left & how high in km would Mt Everest be & how much higher we are at 11km than the worlds highest peak. His voice was full of excitement and vibrancy when he said it’s a bright sunny morning and weather is at its best, of how we would reach Pune in time for a warm and sumptuous lunch waiting for us. In the end, he apologised for talking for so long and in light humour said he couldn’t help it as they didn’t have an in-flight entertainment system.

As he switched off the PA system with a resounding and an inspiring Jai Hind!, I was left contemplating on his approach towards his work. Being a frequent traveller seldom I have come across a pilot so engaged in engaging his passengers. He was definitely a PPW, a person who surely looked forward to his work. And when we are passionate about what we do then why will our best not come out? Why will people not notice us? Why will people not acknowledge us? Why will people not remember us? They surely would!

I believe there are many souls around us whom we bump into daily and who through their chosen endeavour remind us to become PPWs. We all have a choice, either to be a PPW or be a DPW in our chosen work. Let’s make a wise choice!

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  • Vaishali Sharma

    So true !! Such a powerful observation! After reading it comepelle me to introspect

    Thanks for sharing !!

  • Nimesh Desai

    Really I believe what you are saying. I want to share my experience when I was working.

    I worked for 11 years for three companies. I was working by considering that my responsibilities is my business and I have to grow it day by day. I never compare salary with my responsibilities. I am considering my effort for those companies was the investments and in business as always happen, you will get your return after long period of time.
    Now I am getting my investment back in terms of satisfaction —

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